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78 reviews

Easy and Pleasent Experience

Thank you for the great job installing our new front window. Everything from the salesmen to the installers was a very easy and pleasant experience. Forgive me if I don’t remember all their names but you know who you are. The window looks great and I am expecting to see a difference in my heating and cooling bills. The installation was very painless, and the installers were very considerate of my family’s health and safety. I am a first responder and know how hard it is to do your job while remaining conscious of others safety. C. Michael Exterior is a superior company to its competitors. Their prices are very competitive and fair. Financing is also very easy and affordable. I am very pleased with the product and the clean install of a very large window. I will be recommending them to everyone I know that has an exterior project to be done. Sincerely, Christian D. Adolf and Family

Great job. Great company !

I had 26 windows installed the day after Christmas ! All went great. A large crew inside and a large crew outside I removed and installed all windows in one day ! They did a beautiful job and I can say my national grid bills went from the lower $200s to upper $100s after the install. I called a couple of weeks ago to see if they could help out with a few windows caulking and some opening hard. They sent a crew over - redid the caulk on all the windows, fixed a screen, and adjusted and dry greased all of our tight upstairs windows !! They are wonderful before during and after the job. I highly recommend this company !! Jack Jones

C. Michael Exteriors

It always is nice to hear how things went on a job. We are thrilled you noticed the savings in your bill so quickly. Our crews always amaze us and hearing reviews like this surely will be liked by the guys. We are glad we could get everything done and repaired for you. Thank you for your kind words.

Thank you for a job well done!

We love our new windows. A friend (who I later found out had her windows replaced by your company as well) told me that they change the whole look of our house. The workers arrived as scheduled and completed the job in 4 hours. They removed 13 windows and replaced them with 10 as we had decided to use large sliders in place of three of the four sets of two windows. They were very courteous and professional throughout the removal and installation process. Just got my report from National Grid and it says we used 21% less energy this January to March than last year! Thank you again for quality, honest work.

C. Michael Exteriors

We are thrilled that you love your new windows. Our workers surely do know how to get the job done quick. We are glad that you noticed your energy savings so quickly! Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to us and our guys in the field.


I had a great experience with this company. My windows however did take a long time to come in but thats because they were really big and had to be custom ordered. The guys that put them in were extremely nice and friendly. They did a great job at clean up and taking away the old windows. I would recommend them to anyone.

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you for your review. It always warms our hearts when we hear nice things out our guys out in the field. We hope you enjoy your new big windows for years to come.

Siding job

Well where do I begin. I got this company name off of Home Advisor. Good rating. The salesman came out in July 2019 gave us an estimate. Told us the job would start by end of August or Sept. We signed the paperwork and waited and waited. Another man came out to measure and said the company overbooked looks like maybe Sept or early Oct. after forcing to pull out in November!! They said they would send 2 to 4 guys out. Have the job done in a week. They send 2 guys out. One had no experience and left after 2 days. The other was fantastic. Very professional and knew his stuff. He kept on doing the job all alone. He was promised help but no one ever showed up. The job ended taking almost 5 or 6 weeks. We felt terrible for this guy. Thank god they had at least one person who did keep his promise and finished all alone on a big job. The gutter crew did come out and did a very good job. I guess what you need here is to follow through to your customers. Not over book to the point of ridiculous. If you don't have the man power don't promise you do!! We were fortunate to probably get their best guy for siding. Otherwise we were out. Customer service was adequate at best. Everytime we called we didn't get a call back at all or was given a date and time with no show.

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you for sharing your experience and bringing this to our attention. We did send letters to our customers when our schedule got backed up due to the amount of rain we had during the spring and summer of 2019. We let our customers know we were behind and we did our best to keep up installations...

Window replacement

Everything from the consult to the finished project was done with the utmost professionalism. They gave us a plethora of options to choose from to fit out budget and out needs and was sure to demonstrate the options well. When it came to installation they replaced 8 windows in a matter of hours! Fast efficient and clean! We have some more windows to be replaced in the future and will definitely use again!

C. Michael Exteriors

These are the kinds of things that we like to hear! We are so glad that you enjoyed all the choices that you had that fit your budget and needs. Our installation crews always amaze us at how fast they get work done when they are on the job site. We hope to do business with you again the future to fi...


Did fantastic job. Very clean,very little clean up. Replaced all the windows in the house. Love them. Would recommend to anyone

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you so much for your review. We are always glad to hear about another fantastic job well done! We are so glad that you like your new windows.

Fantastic Job

Our experience from start to finish was incredible! Adam was so professional, as were the other 4 guys on the crew. Unfortunately our job had to be done towards the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak;which presented it's own set of challenges for the company as well as the crew. Mother nature was also not the friendliest; we had beautiful a sunny day, 2 incredibly cold rainy days and one dsy where it snowed- welcome to NY. But through everything we had constant communication with the crew, the company and the manager. The crew was able to maintain social distancing, while still remaining friendly and doing a fantastic job on our home. You wouldn't even recognize it. The quality of the work was top notch, and they even took time to show myself and my husband why they chose to use certain materials and new techniques. C.Michael Exteriors even fixed a leak issue we had caused by the previous homeowner without hesitation. They went start to finish in just a few short days. The materials they used were of superior grade and texture,not flimsy at all so you know the quality is there. And the stone we purchased to accent our recessed entry was a wonderful suggestion and it turned out amazing. I highly recommend C. Michael Exteriors for ALL your remodeling needs. You're getting quality materials, superior service and friendly, professional service. I almost can't wait to remodel something else!

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you for sharing your experience! We are so appreciative that we were able to finish up your job and that you are so pleased with the outcome! We are excited to help you with your next project too, just let us know! Take care and stay well.

We would highly recommend this company

We own a log home and we were reluctant to have the windows replaced. The C Michael Exterior crew set up and worked as a team. Each man knew what the others were doing and what material they needed. They were very clean, professional, and efficient. When the job was complete they explained the warranty again and exactly how the windows worked—-open, clean, lock. We would highly recommend this company and their products to everyone.

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you so much for leaving us such a wonderful review and sending the before and after pictures of your beautiful log home! We are thrilled that you were very happy with your experience and for trusting us to replace your windows. We put customer experience and satisfaction as our priority, and y...

Great work

Great job done by the guys through some tough weather. Thank you.

C. Michael Exteriors

Thank you Bill for taking the time to send your before and after pictures as well as the wonderful review about our hardworking crew. We try hard to meet our customers expectations and very happy to work with customers like you!

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