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Ithaca Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are an important part of the home where cutting corners and avoiding updates just isn’t a good idea. When it’s time to get a replacement shower or tub installation, or you’ve decided on a shower-to-tub conversion, get the job done by a BBB-accredited bathroom remodeling company like C. Michael Exteriors. We’re a trusted team in Ithaca for our premium products and experienced contractors.

In fact, one of our in-house experts will be happy to tell you more about our remodeling services. We’ll do everything from tub-to-shower conversions to walk-in bathtub installations. Some of our main remodeling services include:

  • Bathtub Replacements & Showers
  • Walk-In Tubs
  • Bath Conversions

Custom Bathtub Replacements & Shower Replacement

Installing a replacement bathtub or shower is one of the most common bathroom remodeling projects. With C. Michaels on the job, you can expect things to go smoothly. We use American-made products and local professionals to complete every installation. We’ll also make sure you have the opportunity to custom-design your bath enclosure to create a personalized space.

Safe and Comfortable Walk-In Tubs

Making your home safer for a loved one or yourself when aging in place involves installing some accessible bathing solutions that will make daily hygiene easier. We offer professional walk-in tub installation services so those with limited mobility can continue to enjoy the comfort of a daily bath. Our walk-in tubs come with non-slip floors, built-in seats, and swing-open doors to make bathing a simple and safe process.

Time-Saving Bath Conversions

No one likes the idea of a big bathroom remodel, so many avoid making any changes to the layout of their bath enclosure. But C. Michael Exteriors has a way that you can change things out without a lot of expense or time involved. Our bath conversion services allow you to get a tub-to-shower conversion or shower-to-tub conversion quickly and conveniently.

For More Information About Our Bathroom Remodeling Services in Ithaca

If you are tired of living with the same-old, same-old in your Ithaca bathroom, turn to C. Michael Exteriors today. We have courteous and knowledgeable remodelers who work closely with you to achieve the results you want in the bathroom. Fill out our online form or give us a call to begin your free cost estimate now.