As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, you may wonder what house projects winter is really good for. You might question if winter is the right time for exterior home remodeling. As it happens, winter may be the perfect time for a one-day window installation.

With a one-day window installation, not only can you potentially save money in the winter, but it might help you establish which windows need replacing at all. Read on to find out why winter is a good time for window replacement services.

Schedule on Your Terms

Every industry has a peak season, and Summer is it for contractors. Many home remodeling companies are scheduled months in advance during the summer months. You might have to take off work for home repairs if you catch an available date.

However, scheduling in the winter means you can schedule at your convenience. Since your contractor likely has more availability, you can schedule on a day you already have off. You can also get your services done faster and more conveniently during this season.

Decrease Utility Costs

Installing new windows means that the old ones have to come out. In the summer, this could mean your air conditioning works harder to keep up. In the winter, you may worry about a draft. The truth is, experienced installers from most window replacement companies can work rapidly to time the removal of the old window and installation of the new to minimize any draft in your home. 

Winter Deals on One-Day Installs

Since winter is a slower season for contractors, your company likely has deals and promotions to keep business flowing. With a one-day installation in the winter, you can save time and money. Cash in on these savings while also improving your home’s efficiency is a double-savings.

Winter Exposes Existing Issues

While replacing broken or damaged windows as they occur is necessary, we often don’t notice issues like drafts or leaks in the summer. By contrast, you can see condensation and feel the cold drafts in the wintertime. Staying ahead of problematic areas can save you money in the future. Instead of staring at the foggy glass all winter, get the job done now and enjoy better energy efficiency for the rest of the season.

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