Warm Windows for Winter

New York is a beautiful state and while plenty of people call the Empire state home, they do experience four full seasons with a fair share of wintery extremes. The East Coast seems to bring more weather and and real New Yorkers know how brutal the winter months can be. That leaves many homeowners looking for the best way to keep their homes warm as energy prices continue to rise.

One thing you can do that will make a big difference is to replace older windows with newer, well-fitting windows. This update can improve your homes’ energy efficiency in many ways. For starters, newer windows come with vinyl frames that easily expand and contract based on weather conditions to ensure a tight fit with no leaks. Older aluminum windows simply can’t do that.

Plus, newer windows come with better thermal technology. Double and triple glass panes are often filled with gas in the spaces between the glass to allow natural light in without letting warm air out. These windows can also block harmful UV rays that damage your furnishings over time.

Choose Vinyl Windows for the Best Energy-Efficient Performance

Even with modern windows, you’ll have a selection of different materials. Vinyl is the most common for affordability and performance. But some homeowners choose aluminum, fiberglass, or wood for a variety of different reasons. At C. Michael Interiors, we feel that vinyl windows are the best option for New York homeowners to keep their homes warm without spending a fortune on heating costs.

Here are a few benefits of vinyl windows in colder climates:

  • ENERGY STAR-rated vinyl windows can help you maximize your savings using a combination of materials and technologies designed to keep your home sealed up.
  • Vinyl is a versatile material, providing cost-effective options for almost any design.
  • These windows hold up to extreme weather with long-lasting durability in rain, wind, and snow.
  • Vinyl windows offer low-maintenance upkeep with occasional soap and water rinses.
  • When it comes to cost, almost nothing on the market can beat the affordability of vinyl windows.

Add Energy Efficient Savings with Vinyl Windows for your Home Today

If you’re still struggling with plastic wrap and winter-weather caulking to keep your home sealed up in the winter, there’s a better way. Energy-efficient vinyl windows provide the solution that you’ve been looking for at an affordable price that pays for itself over time. Let the window installation pros at C. Michael Exteriors show you how easy it can be to add energy-efficient savings to your home.

Our Syracuse-based remodeling company has been helping transform homes since 2008. With more than a decade of established experience in communities across Central New York, we have the skills and experience that you need for a quality home remodeling project. Let us help you with the quality of American-made vinyl replacement windows today. Call to schedule a custom window replacement estimate for your home.