Insulated Vinyl Siding

Saving Money Where It Matters

Your home is meant to keep everyone inside safe and comfortable at all times, whether it’s daytime or nighttime, summer, or winter. But there can be moments when it’s just not warm enough on cold days or you really feel the heat in July. While you can nudge the thermostat a bit to kick on the HVAC system, running up your utility bills is not a great solution in the long run.

Rather than spend more money on heating and cooling, consider looking into ways to further insulate your home. There are many energy efficient building materials and options available to homeowners. One easy way to boost your home’s insulation and curb appeal at the same time is through siding replacement.

The Benefits of Insulated Siding

A wide variety of siding products are available on the market. You may even have considered materials ranging from fiber cement to cedar shakes and shingles. However, insulated vinyl siding boasts more than beauty for your property. It’s also a way to add a little more protection to your home.

Insulated siding is typically a type of vinyl siding backed with a foam core made of expanded polystyrene. Installing it is like adding another protective layer around the outside of your property.

A good siding contractor will tell you that the R-Value of insulated siding is usually between R-2 to R-2.7. While it’s not as high as interior insulation, like fiberglass, insulated siding is meant to provide a little extra protection to the home. Where it really shines is on a property with a low R-Value of R-12 or R-13. That extra bit of insulation makes a big difference in comfort.

Getting insulated siding replacement also brings additional benefits:

  • Foam backed siding is more rigid which creates a solid appearance.
  • Insulated siding also resists impacts more readily.
  • Insulated siding may also stop thermal bridging between the framed studs and exterior wall.
  • Insulated siding can help block exterior noise from entering the home.
  • It also allows for better evaporation of moisture trapped behind walls.

Learn More About Insulated Siding Installation

Are you ready to learn more about adding insulated vinyl siding to your home? Reach out to a professional siding installer about getting the job done right from the start. C. Michael Exteriors provides quality siding services throughout Central New York. Give your home a facelift by setting up a free consultation. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to begin right away.