While the main function of the front door of a house is to let people in and keep people out, it’s functional in other important ways as well. A strong, beautiful front door adds serious curb appeal to your home, along with the added benefits of safety, better insulation, and maximized energy-efficiency.

If you’re shopping around for replacement doors in New York, C. Michael Exteriors in Syracuse can help you find the right entry door for your home. The right door can transform your home in amazing ways, and our team of experts can help you learn more about your options.

In this guide to entry door options, our experts at C. Michael Exteriors will share some of the most popular materials used to make front door products today. We’ll also reveal the top benefits for each material, to help get you thinking about getting started on your door replacement project this year.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

As one of the most budget-friendly entry door options, fiberglass doors are one of the most common door types found in today’s homes. Fiberglass is easy to maintain, and homeowners can choose from a range of colors and textures for added style customization. These doors can be made to look really similar to wood and are paintable to match your home’s color scheme.

One of the biggest downsides of fiberglass entry doors is that can crack under severe impact. If you are wanting more security out of an entry door, you may look at wood or steel doors.

Steel Entry Doors

Steel entry doors are another very common door type, as they’re durable, strong, and extremely secure. They are virtually maintenance-free and energy-efficient, however once dented, they can be hard to fix. You can also paint these doors to match your color scheme, but scratches may rust if not cared for. Steel doors are not as weather-resistant when compared to wood and fiberglass, so if you live in an area where you see severe weather often, you may look at using a different type of material. Steel can also be coated with waterproofing glazes every so often to help keep them damage-free from exposure to rain, snow, and melting ice.

Wood Entry Doors

Last but not least are wood entry doors. Wood doors provide a very upscale look that many other materials, like fiberglass, try to mimic. Wood doors are very versatile as they can be varnished to keep the wooden look or painted to match whichever colors your home requires.

One downside to wood entry doors is that they can be expensive. You will also need to keep up with the maintenance of these doors as they will wear and tear quickly if not properly treated. Repairs and maintenance over the years can add up—and many homeowners choose other options to keep from having to deal with the constant upkeep of wood.

Entry Door Installers In Syracuse

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