We carry and install a wide selection of quality, energy star rated windows. For those who want the greatest savings on their heat and cooling bills, C. Michael Exteriors's quality of work far exceeds "Energy Star" requirements and meets all standards for the federal tax credit. Regardless of what options and styles you choose, you can rest assured that all that we offer will be beautiful and easy to clean, strong and resilient, breathable and functional, and are going to be energy star rated for efficiency. No matter what your window needs are- Call us today- We take the work out of it all!

Bay Windows:

3 Sections, with the outer windows at a 45° angle
Features a large window in the center, can take up to 50% of total window space
Situated on either side of large center window are smaller windows; each taking up to 25% of space
Center window is non-operational, double hung or casement windows may be installed in the two outside spaces

Bow Windows:

3-6 sections, all sections exactly the same width
Window projects outward in curved shape, rather than rigid angle as the bay windows do
Operational double hung or casement windows can be installed in any section of the window

Box Bay Windows:

90° angles, rather than 45° angles as with traditional Bay windows
Also known as a "Square Bay" window
Mostly used in Kitchens or Bathrooms as added shelf space
Includes to operating casement vents

Garden Windows:

90° angles for side vents, make up a "box"
Sloped or non-sloped top glass allows for more water run off and added sunshine
Essentially a mini greenhouse attached to your home
Glass on front, sides and top
Commonly seen in above Kitchen sink
Some available with middle shelf

Casement Windows:

Hinged at side, instead of sliding up and down or side to side
Opened with crank, lever, or cam handle
Excellent for natural ventilation

Double Hung Windows:

Consists of two window sashes (window panes); one on top, one on bottom
Both windows operational, meaning they slide up and down
Both windows tilt in, for easy cleaning
Most classic style of window, great for air circulation through your home

Picture Windows:

Usually single paned
Typically placed to showcase a stunning outside view, hence the term "picture"
Mostly non-operational, but can be customized


Single, double or triple pane options
Grid patterns, grid profiles, vinyl colors, specialty windows
Vinyl, fiberglass or wood construction
Original construction, remodeling or replacements

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