insulated Siding-

it pays for itself

It's a back breaking chore to have to paint your home every couple years, not to mention costly! That's why long lasting, never painted siding has become more popular than ever. Today's siding has several BIG benefits:
1. Strong and Efficient: resistant to mold, mildew, insects, and reduces exterior noise penetration all while insulating even against the hottest days and coldest nights. Will not dent, bend, warp or melt due to weather conditions.
2. Improves Curb Appeal and Raises Home Value: Beautiful and unique, no matter what style and option you choose!
3. Variety of Options: Many different colors and styles, offers both the look and feel of regular wood.
4. Affordable and Low Maintenance: NO painting EVER, never splits, peels, fades, rots, no scraping, no caulking, or staining- EVER AGAIN!!
It's not surprising that the only trouble you may run into with today's siding is improper installation. Many contractors will use unskilled laborers to install the product, which is why 90% of problems can be traced right back to the installer. Here at C. Michael Exteriors, Inc., we have hand selected our own crew of professional,  hard working contractors. We are here for you 100% of the time- start to finish and beyond!

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