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C. Michael Exteriors, Inc. uses Energy Star Rated, quality Windows and Siding for a big big reason - for our Earth's Future. We know that conserving energy and cutting costs go hand in hand- so we have gotten together a few Tips and Tricks to save even more precious energy!

1. Switch to LED bulbs

They use a whopping 85% less energy than regular incandescant bulbs and 25% less than CFL bulbs. On top of that - they last much longer - about 30,000 hours - which could equal out to be decades of use! This is a savings of $85 for each 60-watt bulb you replace with a 15-watt CFL. You also save 543 kWh if electricity.

2. Turn down the Heat

Programmable thermostats work great for the hours no one is home during the day, as it will turn the heat down, saving energy and $$. By being more proactive with your thermostat, and turning the heat down even 2 degrees in the winter and up by 2 degrees in the summer, you could save about 900 kilos of carbon dioxide emissions each year! A programmable thermostat only costs about 30$, and will save you a savings upwards of $100!

3. Proper Insulation in your Home

This is an absolute MUST to help reduce wasted energy in homes and the amount of energy used to heat and cool them. Weather sealed windows are just as important to seal in the ac in the summer months!! According to a study released by CNN the average home with proper insulation and sealed windows can sace 770 kilos of carbon dioxide and $274 a year.

4. Un-plug Un-used Appliances

The University of Strathclyde in the UK came up with the conclusion that the average household will use 525 kilowatts per year to keep equipment in stand-by mode. Appliances can use up to 75% of their energy while they are turned off. The Ohio Consumers Council says Unplugging your appliances when not in use can save your household $40-$100 a year on electric bills.

5. Switching to Cold water for laundry

About 90% of energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water. The U.S. Department of Energy says washing your clothes in warm or cold water will cut your energy use by 50% a load, and save you up to $63 a year.

6. Stop Handwashing your Dishes

Using your dishwasher actually saves energy and money. The University of Bonn in Germany did a study and concluded that a fully loaded dishwasher uses only half the energy and 1/6th of the water, than it would be to hand wash them. Don't forget to wait for full loads!

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