Need a Roofing Professional? Find the one for you, using some simple tips!

When looking to hiring a roofing professional, it can be frustrating, confusing, and above all stressful. However, if you know what questions to ask, what answers to look for and why - it can take a lot of the grief away! Below you will find a list of the most important questions you'll need to ask the Roofing professional before making a hiring decision.

Q. 1. Are they licensed?

answer should be: Yes, in most states.

A lot of states require a license, but all states are different. Lets say one code is required in Syracuse, but a total different needed in Cortland. Do your research; know your codes. Be sure their license is up to date!

Q. 2. Do they carry workers' comp and liability insurances?

answer should be : Yes.

Never ever hire a contractor without! First of all, in recent times its become required by law, whether one or 100 employees. Second- say you hire one without, and someone injures himself or damages your property? Would you like the cost of your roof to now extend into hospital / damage bills?

Q. 3. Will you remove my old roof material?

answer should be : Yes.

Some roofers will tell you it saves time and money just to visually inspect your roof, and then just "re-roofing" over the old shingles. No, no, no! Unless your roof's old shingles are removed can this roofer know just how much damage is actually there! Be sure your roofing professional will rip up the old roof.

Q. 4. Are you going to install a drip edge?

answer should be : Yes, always.

The drip edge on your roof will extend slightly past the edge to provide protection to your fascia and wood, by allowing the runoff to flow into, rather than behind your gutters. Specify that you want drip edge installed- dont take the chance of the installer skipping this important step!

Q. 5. Do you use ladder stabilizers or standoffs?

answer should be : Yes.

Stabilizers are like big arms that take the weight of the ladder off the gutters or roof edge, by resting on the actual roof, or side of the roof.

Q. 6. Will you provide a dumpster/ trash container?

answer should be : Yes.

Never should the homeowner have to supply one or deal with a mess afterwards.

Q. 7. Where will you be placing the dumpster / trash container?

answer should be : Up to you, and your property situation but......

Know that if your driveway is asphalt, it can and most do crack under the pressure of these heavy dumpsters. For this reason, its important to work out a plan with your roofer to ensure they are on the same page and you aren't stuck with a large bill to fix your driveway in the end.

Q. 8. What's their plan in case of inclement weather?

answer should be : Cover with Tarps or plastic covering.....

make sure the installer has a good, proven plan for this. Your home needs to be protected!

Q. 9. Is their address and phone number a local one?

answer should be : Yes.

What if something goes wrong after they've installed? Will they really make the trip back out to do service/ fix warranty issues?

Q. 10. What is the warranty?

answer should be : Minimum of 25years.

Today's shingles last longer than older style shingles. Home owners should always get at least a 25 year warranty.

Q. 11. If you need to replace plywood - whats that cost?

answer should be : Price per sheet of plywood.

While most contractors include up to a certain ammount of plywood, you should always be sure to get the cost if they go over what is included in your contract/estimate.

Q. 12. How do you plan to protect my landscaping?

answer should be : Specific details, such as traffic patterns, materials/equipment placement, etc.

Don't be stuck with a trampled yard and costly landscaping bills!

Q. 13. Will there always be a member of your crew here to communicate with me?

answer should be : Yes

You always want someone such as a crew supervisor or foreman to be present, not only to ensure his crew properly installs, but also to address any concerns you may have.

Q. 14. Do you provide a written estimate?

answer should be : Yes.

Do not settle into a contract with out specific, written details. Make sure you know exactly what the plan is, whats happening to your home and what the exact cost will be!

Those are the most important questions to remember before hiring and signing anything with any roofing professional. Remember, insurance is a must! You want the job details in writing- from a local company with an established reputation in your area. Communication is key; do they call you when they say, do they promptly provide any requested documentation or information? Also- Price is NOT always everything! Cheap bids usually come from "fly-by-nighters" with out the proper insurances or respected overhead, so they have no need to establish pricing for such. It's as the saying goes "You get what you pay for." So, unless there's a real serious emergency, do your research and take your time hiring a professional to work on your roof!

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