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1. Insulate your home properly. This is absolutely essential to reducing wasted energy, and saving on the bill.  According to a study done by CNN, the average American home that has proper insulation can save 770 kilos of carbon dioxide, and $275.00 a year!

2. Don't wash your dishes by hand! (We love this one!) Using your dishwasher actually saves energy and money. The University of Bonn, in Germany found that a fully loaded washer uses only half the energy and 1/6th of the water than hand washing! (Just remember to wait for full loads)

3.  Switch to cold water for your laundry. Almost 90% of the energy used to wash your clothes - goes to just heating the water up! Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot can cut your energy by 50% per load, saving you up to 63$ a year, according to the Alliance To Save Energy

4. LED bulbs use 83% less energy that incandescent bulbs and 25% less than CFL bulbs. They also last up to 30,000 hours which could be decades before they need replacing. Over the life of each bulb you will save 85$ for each 60-watt bulb you replace with a 15-watt CFL. That's a savings of 543 kWh of electricity and reduction of CO2 emissions by 833 pounds!

5. Turning down the heating by 2 degrees in the winter and up 2 degrees in the summer can save around 900 kilos of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Purchasing a programmable thermostat costs around $30 and produces an annual savings of over $100.

6. Not using an appliance? Unplugging appliances while not in use can save households $40 to $100 a year on electricity bills, according to the Ohio Consumers Council. The average household appliance uses 525 kWh per year just to keep it in standby mode. Appliances use up to 75% of their electricity while they are turned off, making this the simplest solution yet to conserve energy and keep costs down.

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