Styles, types and options galore


Fiberglass Entry Door

with side lites


-Energy efficient- offers up to four times the insulating of R-Value Wood

-Requires minimal maintnance- won't warp or rot like wood, dent or rust like steel

-Offers beautiful wood-grain or smooth finish, and can be stained or painted

-Feels warm and inviting to the touch- like a real wood door


solid wood door

a classic


-Offer beautiful wood grains for a high-end look- can be stained or painted

-Feels warm and inviting to the touch

-Scratches can be easily repaired


the solid steel door

you can't get more secure


-Energy efficient- offers good insulating value

-Less maintenance, depending on the environment

-Can be less expensive


Storm door

 for added style and safety


-Protects your exterior door

-Increases energy efficiency, and further decreases outside noise

-Keeps insects out- some days you want ot let in a breeze, but not the bugs. Storm doors with screen inserts offer air flow while keeping the critters and pests out

-Additional home security


whats a transom?

this term describes any window that serves as an accent above a main window or door


-Beauty- the primary reason to add transoms is to enjoy the enhanced architechual detail.

-More natural light- while you probably cover your main windows for privacy, transom windows are usually above your line of sight, so you can leave them uncovered to allow more light in

-Ventilation- when you install a transom capable of opening and closing, you can leave this open to allow more airflow


leaded glass inserts

make it even more gorgeous

-Fully customizable, with a limitless palette of designs and colors, for added curb appeal  

-Allows more natural light to come through

    -Added energy savings



French patio door

simply elegant.


-Added curb appeal- french patio just says "class"

-Offer excellent protection- made from wood and vinyl, they provide exceptional protection from the elements

-Very easy to maintain

-Energy Efficient, of course!


sliding glass door

brighten up your interiors


-Energy efficiency- sliding glass doors can be great insulators, making your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, while always letting a ton of natural light in.

-Indoor/Outdoor flow-these type of doors make it easy to bring the outdoors in-year round views of the outdoors!

-Safety- today homeowners can now get sliding glass doors with shatterproof safety glass. The days of weak glass in these doors are gone!

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