Thank you so much for the work you have done to my house! Before the new windows I had very little natural light due to the small and only window in my entire living room. Now that the front window was expanded and the new window was installed over my front door I rarely have to turn on the lights! You not only saved me from going crazy in a dark home but saved me on my electric bill! My children’s windows also were so old and crank out type windows, I was so worried about them getting hurt on the knobs. The new windows take my worry away and are safer and 10x more beautiful then I expected! All the work done at my home made it worth more to me then gold and I appreciate the professional and fast install as well as the opportunity to buy from such an amazing company! I will be purchasing more in the future! Thank you so much

C. Michael Exteriors

We're happy and excited for you! Thank you for the great review and for the opportunity to help improve your home. Of course you are welcome, but it is our pleasure to have the opportunity to help make you happier in your own home. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come and look forward to any future improvements with you as well. Thank you!

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