One of the most obvious reasons to enclose your deck is the value it adds to your home. Industry facts prove that enclosed space adds value to your home. It makes the space you already had for your deck now useable year round, whereas before you used it what? Maybe a total of three weeks out of the year? You can often save on foundation costs as well, if your deck meets your local building code requirements. Of course, talk with a professional to determine that factor.


No more clearing debris, painting, cleaning, sanding… you do not have to continually dry and wash your deck furniture; since they are now dry and protected from the elements… there really is no better p...

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When looking to hiring a roofing professional, it can be frustrating, confusing, and above all stressful. However, if you know what questions to ask, what answers to look for and why - it can take a lot of the grief away! Below you will find a list of the most important questions you'll need to ask the Roofing professional before making a hiring decision.

Q. 1. Are they licensed?

answer should be: Yes, in most states.

A lot of states require a license, but all states are different. Lets say one code is required in Syracuse, but a total different needed in Cortland. Do your research; know your codes. Be sure their license is up to date!

Q. 2. Do they carry workers' comp and liability insurances?

answer should be : Yes.

Never ever hire a contra...

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C. Michael Exteriors, Inc. uses Energy Star Rated, quality Windows and Siding for a big big reason - for our Earth's Future. We know that conserving energy and cutting costs go hand in hand- so we have gotten together a few Tips and Tricks to save even more precious energy!

1. Switch to LED bulbs

They use a whopping 85% less energy than regular incandescant bulbs and 25% less than CFL bulbs. On top of that - they last much longer - about 30,000 hours - which could equal out to be decades of use! This is a savings of $85 for each 60-watt bulb you replace with a 15-watt CFL. You also save 543 kWh if electricity.

2. Turn down the Heat

Programmable thermostats work great for the hours no one is home during the day, as it will turn the heat do...

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